FoProBiM’s focus on C-SAP components

“Throughout FoProBiM’s over 20 years of existence it has been, and remains, the only Haitian operated and Haiti-based NGO dedicated to the protection and management of Haiti’s coastal and marine ecosystems and adjacent watersheds. In its ongoing efforts to monitor and protect the environment, and biodiversity in particular, FoProBiM works with watershed and coastal area inhabitants including women’s groups, youth, farmers, fishers, and those making use of environmental resources through a wide variety of sectors such as tourism, fuel production, transportation, marketing, processing, etc.  Currently FoProBiM is capable of providing various types of project expertise including design, management, and execution in the fields of education, advocacy, scientific, and technical training and support”.  The strategies and actions of the CLME+ CSAP are aligned with the following projects and actions carried out by FoProBim:

1.8  Participate in monitoring and enforcement (e.g. as community monitors/wardens)

FoProBiM has trained Haiti’s first unit of MPA monitoring agents.

FoProBiM’s game warden unit for the 3Bays MPA


This unit is comprised of local stakeholders; primarily those involved in the fisheries sector.  They are trained in stewardship and educational activities as well as basic environmental and marine sciences and non-contact law enforcement.

1.9  Raise awareness of the importance of reefs and associated ecosystems in provision of goods and ecosystem services, particularly related to supporting fisheries and tourism, and in coastal protection against climate change and natural hazards

Environmental education for students

FoProBiM has undertaken educational activities for thousands of coastal area stakeholders including children and adults.


2.8  Promote and engage in participatory approaches to identify and test appropriate fishing practices/gear

Trap maker with new larger mesh trap for local fishers.


 FoProBiM has engaged in gear swap activity pilot projects with local fishers in order to stop the use of extremely damaging small mesh net fishing within the 3Bays MPA.  We are providing fisheries gear training as well as new more sustainable gear to fishers.

6.5  Promote green enterprises and build capacity for adoption of environmentally friendly practices (such as low-energy and low-waste) to enhance sustainability of livelihoods and actions to conserve coastal and marine resources upon which livelihoods depend (e.g. sea turtle conservation, and whalewatching by community ecotourism enterprises)

Honey production in Haiti


FoProBiM has been promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative income generating activities for coastal community stakeholders in general and fishers in particular.  This has included apiculture, breadfruit flour, and eco-tourism (kayaking).