The Center for the Conservation and Ecological Development of the Bay of Samaná and its Surroundings (CEBSE)

CEBSE is a Dominican civil society organization founded in 1991 with the objective of achieving the conservation and sustainable use of the natural and cultural resources of the region of Samaná.

Its work area is located in the north-east tip of the Dominican Republic and includes Samana Bay and Peninsula, Los Haitises National Park and the coastal plain Sabana de la Mar-Miches-Nisibon. This region incorporates 10 protected areas, among which are four national parks, three wildlife refuges, two natural monuments and the National Sanctuary of Marine Mammals Silver and Navidad Banks and Samaná Bay.

The institution’s goal is to improve the sustainable use of the natural resources of the Samaná region, encouraging the development of models of production and services that improve the quality of life of the communities and minimize negative environmental and cultural impacts.

Its programmatic areas are:

  1. Conservation of biodiversity and protected areas.
  2. Community participation and environmental education.
  3. Adaptation and mitigation to climate change.
  4. Provincial and municipal environmental management

CEBSE plays a key role in the shared management of sustainable whale watching and is a member of the co-management council of Manglares del Bajo Yuna National Park (RAMSAR Wetland).

The organization works closely with local communities on all projects and emphasizes the training of youth. Former volunteers are now part of the organization’s staff; in charge of the monitoring of humpback whales, the maintenance of coral nurseries, supporting ecotourism initiatives of fishermen’s organizations and working in mangrove restoration.

CEBSE is a member of organizations such as the Dominican Environmental Consortium (CAD) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and sits on the Dominican Republic RAMSAR committee.