Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ)

Inicio / Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ)

EFJ works to promote and implement activities to conserve and effectively manage the natural resources and environment of Jamaica and improve child development. To this end EFJ funds non-profit, civil society and community-based organisations as well as academic institutions, and partners with key stakeholders. Since inception EFJ has approved funding of more than USD 43.93 m for 1,321 projects and made a positive contribution to the natural and built environment, children and communities, improved livelihoods and the conservation of Jamaican wildlife.

EFJ cooperates with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Jamaica. EFJ has provided over USD 250,000 in co-funding arrangements for SGP projects that also meet EFJ objectives. Projects have ranged from biodiversity management, to climate change awareness and community adaptation.

Contact: Chief Technical Director Ms Allison Rangolan