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Formed in 1991, the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is a registered non-profit CSO and focusses on environmental education, law and advocacy as well as conservation. JET has been running Jamaica’s largest environmental education program since 1997. Its law and advocacy programme targets the protection of Jamaica’s natural resources by using legislation and legal instruments, promoting public participation processes, conducting policy review and media-savvy communications. In addition, JET provides legal advice to communities affected by environmental issues. Conservation activities and projects have included monitoring sea turtle nesting as well as patrolling and managing the Pedro Bank fish sanctuary. Furthermore, JET conducts campaigns to protect specific natural resources and organizes field trips, environmental events and beach clean-up activities.

The Jetters, as JET’s staff call themselves, command a wide range of skill sets and come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, including natural and social sciences, information technology, business administration, law and humanities. The team is supported by an expert panel, several consultants and a cadre of volunteers.


Suzanne Stanley Chief Executive Officer



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