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The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

CANARI is an independent non-governmental organisation officially founded in 1989. With years of experience delivering sustainable development projects in the region, CANARI has become the leading promoter of equitable and effective collaboration on conservation issues. It offers research-based policy advice to governments, guidance for development strategies, and encourages participation from all sectors of Caribbean society in protecting the environment.

The focus of CANARI in natural resource management throughout the Caribbean, includes

        • climate change and disaster risk management
        • forest policy development
        • coastal resource management
        • capacity building for organisations involved in natural resource management
        • sustainable livelihoods and green economy

CANARI also actively stimulates and supports local, national and regional initiatives which foster stakeholder participation in resource management. One of the ways in which this has been done is through technical assistance, which includes advice on programme design and implementation.

The Institute’s reports and publications are available to partners, collaborators, students and the public.

For more information please contact:

Facebook: @canaricaribbean
Twitter: @canari868