Nature Caribé supports the program – “People managing oceans” – CLME+ C-SAP”

Nature Caribé has received a small grant from CANARI for a project entitled “Promoting C-SAP awareness and knowledge sharing among civil society organizations in the insular Caribbean“.

The objective of this small grant is to support the promotion of the “Civil Society Action Programme 2018-2030 for the Sustainable Management of Shared Living Marine Resources of the Caribbean and Northern Brazil Large Marine Ecosystems” (CLME+ C-SAP) and to obtain support for this initiative from civil society organizations interested in this important initiative in the Caribbean region and the Northern Platform of Brazil (called CLME+).

To make the long title and the abbreviations more pithy this program is simply called “People managing oceans”, a name which also underscores that civil society is participating in this initiative.

Nature Caribé will work to gain the support of civil society organizations and SMEs at national and local levels for the “People managing oceans” initiative (CLME+C-SAP).

In concrete, CEBSE, a member of Nature Caribé, will organize, execute and document a workshop to which civil society organizations, SMEs and fisherfolk associations of the Samaná peninsula in the Dominican Republic are invited to help them align their work to the strategies of CLME+ C-SAP and gain their support for CLME+ C-SAP.

Para La Naturaleza, another member of Nature Caribe, is co-financing these outreach and advocacy efforts throughout the Caribbean.

We invite you to stay tuned to our social networks and if you would like to participate in the “People Managed Oceans” program aka CLME+ C-SAP and support us, please contact or send a message by visiting our website